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From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a healthcare professional. Dentistry allows me to utilize my artistic skills along with my academic skills. What I find so rewarding about dentistry is how multifaceted it is and how I can improve the overall quality of a person’s life by educating them about their dental health. I especially love when a person is able to overcome their previous dental phobias by simply listening to how the fear originated and replacing that terrible memory with a pleasant dental experience. It’s amazing that we can overcome fears at any age. Dentistry doesn’t have to be scary anymore, and I try to make it as pleasant as possible!


I believe in lifelong learning. The Jesuit philosophy of education aims to shape and develop the entire person. Being that I attended two Jesuit Universities (Santa Clara and Creighton), that philosophy remains with me. Graduating dental school was literally just the beginning of a life dedicated to acquiring as much possible knowledge and information as I can to help my patients.

  • High School Diploma, Washington High School, Fremont, CA, 1996
  • Bachelors of Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 2000
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, Creighton University, Omaha, NE 2004

Continuing Education

Although there is a requirement specific to each state mandating a certain number of continuing education hours, I far exceed these requirements each year. As a general dentist, I must be knowledgeable in ALL areas of dentistry. I choose to participate in so much continuing education because dentistry is constantly changing and I feel it is my personal responsibility to be exposed to all new materials and methods available to me. I believe in evidence-based dentistry, so even though I spend many of my weekends traveling for education, I do not incorporate anything into my office until I can stand behind it philosophically and clinically.

After researching the technology since I was in dental school, I am confident in and proud to use CEREC® technology in my practice. That means we can provide a great service to our patients with the increased convenience of a crown on the same visit.

Professional Memberships

I am a strong believer in organized dentistry, and that it is through our national, state, and local chapters that we can all work together to improve patient access, quality care, and much needed education across the globe.

In the Community

I have been involved in the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program since 2004. I donate many hours of my time and materials to children of families who do not have the economic means to provide their children with proper dental care. The program is wonderfully rewarding. The children are great and the parents are so appreciative. Most times it is the child’s first dental visit, so I have the opportunity to make it fun! It also is a great reward to provide comprehensive and preventative care to a family and never have to consider whether they can afford it or not, because it is all donated. When possible, my husband and I have plans on joining a national organization that travels to underserved communities around the world, providing much needed dental care.

Outside the Office

My husband, Dr. Nick Anastassatos, and I met in dental school and married in 2007.  We have a son and a daughter who keep us busy. When I’m not in the office, or with my children, I love reading, cooking new recipes, wine tasting, painting, and traveling.

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“The consultation, care & treatment I receive at a.Dentistry from Dr. Nick, Dr. Amaral and their staff has been nothing but exceptional. The exemplary commitment that Dr. Amaral and Dr. Nick have for their profession is clearly evident from the way they keep their practice to the way they treat their patients, and everything in between.”

~Travis C

“I can’t tell you enough what Melissa & Nick have done for me in overcoming my severe dental anxiety. I was the girl that avoided the dentist for 10 years because of a traumatic childhood experience. They have completely earned my trust and let me believe in my dental health again. If you are hesitant don’t be just go and you will see what I am talking about!”
~ Nikita P

” I have always hated going to the dentist and it’s not that I “like” going now, but without a doubt Dr. Nicholas Anastassatos is the best. I have been going to his office for the past few years and can’t tell you how pleased I have been with his staff and him as a dentist. Extremely caring and professional!!”

Andy C

“I would highly recommend A Dentistry! They have taken such good care of me and always have my best interests in mind. Everyone is fun and friendly”

Todd K

“Dr. Amaral & Dr. Nick are by far the most caring and  educated dentists ever! They always go beyond their call of duty for their patients! I have been with them from the start & would never go anywhere else for dental care!! Their staff is very helpful and very pleasant! I am their patient for life!!”

Julia M